The final level and arguably the hardest. This boss is comprised of circles similar to Master Mo but each one does a different thing. You have about .75-1 second to get out of it, and she WILL move them in the direction you are moving. It is extremely difficult to avoid ever triggering one.

Outer most circle (large) – this one is actually useful. When triggered, the queen will dash with a low sweep red attack. You can actually trigger this one on purpose and IMMEDIATELY do a chi move to chi-counter her for lots of HP!

Outer circle (large) – this is the big one outside of others, but not the furthest away. This one is also very useful, although risky. When triggered it spawns 4 homing stars that explode for lots of damage. THEY CANNOT BE BLOCKED. You can trigger this one on purpose, then using roll you run towards the queen so the bombs hit her instead! This is the fastest way to do this.

Avoid all the other circles. The queen turns red when summoning her circles, so use that opportunity for a free chi-counter. It’s hard to tell when she turns red because of her outfit, so look for her spinning animation. Minions drop small health.

And that’s it. Now go back and get an S rank on every mission to unlock equipment upgrades, and the most powerful moves!