Move – Left Stick/D-Pad

Deflect – Left Trigger / B

Evade – Right Trigger

Attack – X

Jump Attack – A

Chi Attacks – X+A (+specific directions with Left Stick per Chi Attack)

Basic Moves:

Snap attack (infinite) – Hold X

Sweeping Attacks – X + Direction, press X rapidly for more kicks

“Hidden” Moves:

Quick Deflect (faster animation, less recovery)- Towards opponent + X

Spinning Kick – Press A right when hitting the ground, 3 times in a row. The last hit counters red attacks

Crushing Palm – Press X with .5 second delay in between

Bicycle Kick – Press A, then hold X. Highest DPS non-chi move, equip Light Boots to get higher and kick longer!


  • Hitting enemies immediately after blocking an attack will grant a small amount of health. You will know that your hits will heal when the enemy turns green.
  • Most hits can be blocked, although heavy hits will stagger you.
  • Unlock Air Deflect, Air Slide, and buy Chi Slots ASAP
  • Low/Quake attacks cannot be blocked or evaded. You must be airborne to avoid them.
  • Constantly rolling makes you move much faster than simply running.
  • Each Chi Move has a use: your most basic one, (X+A), deals all of its damage in one hit, which maximizes the Critical Hit window making it the best option for countering. Due to its speed it can be hard to land, however.
  • If you do not have any Chi Slots filled, use your Spinning Kick (Timed A) to counter red attacks. The timing can be difficult, but the reward is great.
  • Best way to earn fast gold is to complete each “Bonus Challenge” on each level. You can view the challenge by selecting the level and pressing “Y” at the preparation screen.
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